Let The Bullets Rain

Fri, 05/02/2014 - 11:41 -- Tehya

The war, the war rages on,

In the terrible light of a forlorn dawn,

The men all shout and yell and weep,

Hoping to awake, though they know they’re not asleep,

This nightmare is real, it will not stop,

It will devour them all until everything’s gone


But the war does not care,

It does not know,

Of the lives it has taken,

Or the families it’s torn

War laughs at misery,

And rejoices in pain

It shouts with glee “Let the bullets rain,

Let the bullets rain”


And in the mournful years to come

Life will be hard and men will be glum

No one will smile, for they all live in fear

That another war may soon be near


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