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naked under a juniper tree  bareboned and rigid like the rocky mountains afar feeding on the old mulch blind and dirty   burnished hazel protuberant eyeballs dumb as marbles  dialeted as the full moon
Different but similar, in distinct scenes Interpretations of that which is “eternal” Some of the bounded in settings infernal, Variations seen      In the beginning, man created ideas
Thoughts spawn without direction, Fleeting yet lasting, ever-impactful. Feelings observe without connection, Patient yet hurried, clever and tactful.   Ordering and organzing, making sense of the maelstrom.
I don't want to stop you Please enjoy your time here Just know you are affecting me We are taking from eachother, in the time we have spent together.
Barren stems more than emptiness -within the confines of lost and broken,resilient as beauty is -Hope that awakens in white flowersto kiss you dreams that you areso welcome to take. 
after work I sit on a pillow and meditate   before school I sit on a pillow and meditate  
He wanted her to heal his heart She wanted to give him her heart   He has felt pain and so has she She does not fear it, for it is how she can see See into his soul and deeply understand
Dear Buddhist girl,     You are so perfect.        You are kind, and you are wise.     Others may not understand you like I do,        But i will always be here to pick you up when you need me.
It started with shakes and the violent pounding. The floor boards matching the beat inside my ribcage. Japan was beautiful. And it was the shaking that stirred such a thought.
I'm a part of you Also you're a part of me Kill me kill yourself
Deep inside of you There is much strength and power Wake yourself to it
I thought you were s'posed to be acceptingYes, I'm the antithesis of my parmaJudge me cuz I'm left wingHate me for my dharmaI told you about my explorationsIn private, to tell me your considerations
  Learn early to trust no one,
I’ll stay up hours to burn up the midnight fuel within my core and drown out the nerved voice inside that is never content. Like breaking a fever, I either run it rampant, or it will run me dry.
Death is not the end of pain and pleasure. The Great Gristmill grinds fine pebble deeds and boulder misdeeds.
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