broken numb lost humanity

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We’ve all done this I’m sure We’ve gotten a chocolate bunny for easter and we’ve taken away it’s protective layers Taken it out of the box We rip off the ears first
A melancholy longing settles over the streets & avenues heading east, One third of tobacco in a pre-lit cigarette no longer satisfies rushing & starved organs,
Real eyes don't realize the real lies, deep inside.  No deep thoughts, we're think-naughts, robots Programmed to conform.  No form, forlorn, uninformed,  Of problems in - this world, keeps turning
Why does it take tragedy, to learn a human lesson? Why wait until the damage is done before any stride is taken to lessen, it? National attention only comes to a common issue
~ The Nothing ~       Looking through photographs and recognizing faces So close but nonexistent, can’t seem to fill the spaces.   Walking on concrete and over all lines,
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