Chocolate Bunnies

We’ve all done this I’m sure

We’ve gotten a chocolate bunny for easter and we’ve taken away it’s protective layers

Taken it out of the box

We rip off the ears first

We jokingly laugh, oh no my bunny can’t hear anymore

We later move to the eyes and rip off the individual sugar dot

Oh no my bunny is blind he’ll never see again

We take away their sugar carrot

Oh I guess they’ll go hungry

We rip of it’s head

Laughing at our headless bunnies

Then we eat all the rest

And uh oh my bunny’s dead


I wonder if that’s how terrorist think

If they see everyone in the world as chocolate bunnies ready to be ripped into chunks

When in interrogation rooms with

Women, children,

fathers and sons, waiting to be questioned

They just see large chocolate bunnies

a fondue of sweat running down their faces, and

When they feel the need for pleasure they take the bunny’s ears

Uh oh now that man can’t hear

They rip the eyes away

Oh  now that women can’t see

They take away the small carrots

Oh no now that child is hungry

They rip each chunk away until

Uh oh they're dead

I think that’s the only way the terrorist

mad men , immoral human beings

can live with themselves

Is seeing everyone as chocolate bunnies

So much easier to melt down and mold into something of their liking

Or bunnies living with the one purpose of being consumed

And I wonder if that is what sometimes their victims picture themselves as

Because chocolate bunnies don’t have minds or hearts

They can’t feel the pain

They can’t feel the shock of the bodies ;littered on the ground

So they won’t see their own tinted blood flowing out

So they won’t see their homes burned down.

I wonder what would happen if we could stop seeing chocolate bunnies

Would we see human beings

Or would we just see some other sugary thing

Waiting to be consumed

Because sometimes I think I’m gummy bear

Just waiting to no longer have a head

And then uh oh I’m dead


This poem is about: 
Our world


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