The Nothing

~ The Nothing ~




Looking through photographs and recognizing faces

So close but nonexistent, can’t seem to fill the spaces.


Walking on concrete and over all lines,

Everything will now turn out fine.


Showing disdain and lacking admiration,

for nothing is real, take no consideration.


No passion or regrets for the people in circles.

No sounds of joy or sadness for the people in dreams.


Only crass can be handled with a great amount of delicacy; for they’re fragile, and we must have the audacity.


Add reassurance to your water and take hesitant sips, do not become more than humanity equips.




Put your trust in air and your logic on ice

take down your standards and optimize others advice.


For we will always see nothing, be nothing more than a reflection of influence.


For we will always see nothing; be nothing.



~Samantha Stevenson

This poem is about: 
Our world


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