Best Friends?

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I thought I knew you And yet I feel distant Like if the past years we have know Are all a blur Was there really a connection? I’m not sure.
Such an unexplainable bond. A love so great. Sisters, twins to be exact.  Jane and Alice. Seven years old now. Laughing for hours on end, alone in their room. Identical in every way except,  Alice was stillborn. 
Turn the splinters into dust underneath a white sky. For centuries, I waited upon the one that can see pass the lies. Now that I have them here and so very near, The grips of my hands won't leave the shelter of my home.
We've been best friends since the beginning,But now this is the endI'm saying goodbye to living.
I miss the days, when, you were SINGLE. Wish you had never followed that Boyfriend. In search for that Pot of Love. You used to be my Best Friend till you began searching for that boyfriend.
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