They Shine, and Now I'm Left Behind


I miss the days, when, you were SINGLE.

Wish you had never followed that Boyfriend.

In search for that Pot of Love.

You used to be my Best Friend

till you began searching for that boyfriend.

In your list of priorities I was left till the end.

In the wrong direction is where your life began to bend.

Fake people, fake friends, all popped all over the place.

But it was only at a couple of places and moments when they shone,

when the light hit them at the right angle,

when they were in the right spot,

when they pretended to be that light.

That light that for you would shine.

But it was fool's gold .

No one was true to you.

You pushed me aside for your foolish desires

Friendships that would lift you up slowly

and slam you down quickly.

And I was the not a gold bar 

or even a gold coin, in your eyes.

But in real life, outside your head, I was the rainbow.

I faded away, but I always kept my color.

I stayed real, I stayed true

to you.

 I cared.

They might've, could've, but I dont know.

So im left to ponder, could I have done something to help you, 

to help you from being screwed over like this?

Or was it just your destiny?

Was this what your life was meant to be?

It is no longer up to me.

Follow that gold.

Come back and tell me your adventures

Everytime you do, I'll be there, watching.

I'm the rainbow.

You're the fool.

But have some fun

with that gold.

I'll let you go.

Cuz our times are long gone

How I miss them, you dont know!

But I can live just fine

and if you cared It'd be nice.

Even with those million smiles, I know there is something more to that.

You never tell me anything anymore, but if you ever decide to, I'm here.



It is hard. But I try my best to not do that to her. I am always there for her. I hope your situation gets much better. Thank you for your support. Btw, I love your picture: PETER PAN for life.

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