The One in Class

Mon, 01/23/2017 - 20:04 -- Mateos

Turn the splinters into dust underneath a white sky.

For centuries, I waited upon the one that can see pass the lies.

Now that I have them here and so very near,

The grips of my hands won't leave the shelter of my home.

To be near you is nothing that I had thought it would be.

A grain of sand stains with the rest when expectations drown.

I needed something tangible or real in the sense I can manipulate,

But there you came along just as fine.

I don't want to hug or kiss at all like I would before.

Times at these tides try a person to insane heights of infatuation.

Like an undertow to drag away the fears,

My mind can only erase the things I have regretted.

Your scars hide the love that seals in your skin.

Sometimes I catch it drip for a glimpse.


I break away the tape that claws your feet to the ground.

I never understand you, I never knew

A gate so tarn and old can block the stones of a garden

So beautiful that makes the angels cry.

The smile plastered on your face consumes so much to the average eye.

Mostly, I thought you were painfully wicked.

Other times, I thought you were crazy.

However, I mainly excluded the obvious; you are loving.

Admittingly not, you love to feel the waves of happiness roar about.

A bird sounds like magic and the clouds look soft like powder you might think.

Naive is a gift for those who know how to use it so well.

You are afraid to be the one that stands alone for love.

Instead, you cower for darkness to protect the secrets that leak around you.

One day, there would be two who stand among the shades of black colored by your depression.

Too bad, I won't be there to see it.





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