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Perfect, ever confident Never tries, always wins Speaks no evil, hears no sin What a picture perfect family A model of what we should be   Perfectly incompetent Always tries, never wins
Who am I? Better yet what am I? What do you see me as?
You see me on Friday nights  Under all those shiny, bright lights Yelling for the win.  You'd think I'm the prettiest  That everyone loves to be around me 
They see soft eyes above a soft smile.   They see a quiet thin body holding a quiet thin person.   They see innocence And they see obedience.   Some see a smile, While some see a frown.
You don't see them The way I do You can't understand their power What they've done for me
We see what we think, But what's thought is not always seen. So don't see, watch.
I'm a puppet, controlled by what I feel is Wrong. That won't work, my mind says. That is not a career.   What is a career? To assume I won't be happy under the Stage Lights
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