Assumptions: a word that means to assume, to guess, to make judgments without practical information. We are taught, or should be taught, to avoid doing what this word describes. Yet this is something all of us embrace almost everyday. When we assume, we take one piece of information, one tiny piece, and use it to justify anything we wish to invent in order to vilify, or glorify an individual or group. We do this on a regular basis, most of the time we don't even realize it. But as common as assumptions are we have made such a grate effort to avoid them that they are now a weapon against themselves.


       Assumptions: even the perceived act of committing them is enough to harm your reputation. But, if seen through a bigger picture, isn't that what assumptions are, perceptions, the noun form of perceive? If you call someone out for assuming because of perceived assuming, have you not just assumed, yourself? And to add insult to injury, have you not just used you assumption, an premature conclusion based on insignificant evidence, to damage someone, socially?


       Assumptions: we use them to attack people for the perception of racism, misogyny, or homophobia. Is it homophobic to assume that a homosexual is attracted to people of their gender? No, because that analysis is logically based on the information that you already have. At that point you assumption becomes a conclusion. But our paranoia on assumptions is not a sign that we should let our guard down.


       Assumptions: they are a real, powerful, and dangerous weapon against people. It is said that the formula for hatred is a mixture of ignorance and fear. But the formula for ignorance is time and assumptions, and the formula for assumptions is time and ignorance. These two things, ignorance and assumptions, feed of each other, bolster each other, make each other stronger. As assumptions grow, hatred grows. There are those that assume that all homosexuals are pedophiles, that African and Hispanic Americans are savage criminal beasts, that women are not logical enough to run their own lives. But what are these opinions; assumptions, guesses, judgments without out practical information. People who have been so sheltered in their xenophobia that they take one piece of information, one tiny piece, and use it to justify anything we wish to invent in order to vilify an individual or group.


       Information: the thing that solves this problem of ignorance we have. Assumptions are judgments not based in valid information. How we can solve this is education and broad-mindedness.

       Assumptions: misjudgments on invalid information.

       Assumptions: often gone unnoticed by us.

       Assumptions: an exaggeration or groundless belief about someone or group.

       Assumptions: something an informed population needs to be aware of, and something that must give way to the enlightenment of logical thinking.  


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