alone isolation

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What's there to be Between you and me If we're constantly separated? It's been coerced To remain dispersed And sadly isolated. After many suns and many moons I wish that I could see you soon
Her home lies across Henderson port.The ships here chase the sun inlandFrom east to west and back to east,a pendulum in a grandfather clock.Each turn portends finality, butswings back to begin afresh.No dock for her eyes, just passing boats,sleepy
It happened so long ago, the memories aren't so clear for me to see. You were everything, everything to me.  I trust you would always be there, yet it weren't to be. Alone in this would, my life is so incomplete.
I have lost track of time and even forgot what day or even month it is I am confined, I can't find a purpose anymore Im slowly beginning to give up
Don’t you dare  don’t you dare  speak one more lie  that I’m up to no good  when I making sure  you can get by    don’t you dare say  I do nothing for you  when I hide my pain 
Pain lingering through my heart, Consistently anchoring my feet to the dark,  A vital resurection after this depression,  Please listen to this life lesson,   
One man has one live. How he chooses to live that life is the reason he lives. The man may not know who the queen of England is. Or what the square root of 9 is.  But the man continues on.   
Who am I? No one sees me They glance shallowly, right through my existence. Who am I? Who am I? I exist utterly in solitude My own mind a mystery; I can't comprehend Unseen Unheard
NOT NEEDED   I came in this world as a reject. No one wanted me and no one needed me.  But then one day.... That one day.  I found an outcast kind of like me. 
The feeling of being alone, is one that I embrace Nobody to disrupt the peace, my heart has taken place If I was deserted on an island, there is only two things I would bring
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