I have lost track of time and even forgot what day or even month it is

I am confined, I can't find a purpose anymore Im slowly beginning to give up

I feel trapped like a prisoner serving life, his inner thoughts to escape the solitary of this unsanitary jail

I'm trapped in here so there wont be any scholarships for me to yale

The cold jail bars turns my skin pale, everyday in this cage I throw bits of rage

Because as the time ticks so does my age, no way to prevail

No way out of this shell for this black male, well I reveal to you the hell of this isolation

This jail isn't necessary all alone and trapped my nerves take over as I bite my nails

Sound the death knell before my heart grows more frail

The CO's of my thoughts beat me until I swell in this place I will forever dwell

Inside of this confinement my days here forever is inevitable this eternal silence

Keeps me frightned the everyday screams of sirens trying to part ways from this tyrant 

But I'm trapped my life is a fail

The saudade for freedom 24 hour lock down constantly crying this place is a virus 

Trapped in this jail with apes and lions no mail for ne I wish to sail away from this place

Forever trapped forever trapped falling off trail

I hope that they'll just kill me 

This isolated prison has a mental telepathy 

Maybe if im alive still in the next century 

I may escape this mental penitentiary


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