Don’t You Dare

Don’t you dare 

don’t you dare 

speak one more lie 

that I’m up to no good 

when I making sure 

you can get by 


don’t you dare say 

I do nothing for you 

when I hide my pain 

I fake a smile 

I wipe my tears 

I hide my scars 

and never say a word about it 

for you 


don’t you dare say I’m selfish 

when I put up these walls 

to protect you 

from who I am 

when I never say a word 

about anything to you 

to save you from my pain 


don’t you dare 

don’t you dare 

say you love me 

when I don’t believe

 a word 

don’t you dare say 

you care 

when you can’t even prove it 

to yourself 


Daddy I love you 

mommy you too 

Bubby I miss you 

sissy I give up my 

life for you 


don’t you dare 

tell me that I don’t care 

when I’d sell my soul for you

 lie steal and die for you 

when I try to stay strong 

and keep my head for you 

when I do anything 

to see you smile 


don’t you dare 

don’t you dare 

say I do nothing for you 

when I hide my pain 

I fake a smile 

even when I lose my way 

wipe my tears 

hide my scars 

and sit in silence screaming fears 

for you



daddy I love you 

mommy I do 

Bubby it’s true 

and Sissy I do 

anything for you 

so while you’re spreading your lies

 I’ll be mending my life 

when you’re selling your souls

 I’m breaking these holds

 and once you’re inside 

I’ll be gone 


but don’t you dare 


I never tried

This poem is about: 
My family


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