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Then Wayne The Wise went with his legion, The arm of freedom fighters erupted the Higgins Commanding his squadron he trusted fully The might of his fervor and mercy of God Slung he his bolt action o’er his shoulder,
Seemingly... Friends come and go...¬†Like ships ūüõ≥ that are full of a lot of cargo....There are those that are not in reach or seem out of sight...
i see you Ellipsis joining the sweet mellow with your soil calling out in the distance where white flags sing where black-eyed susan used to dance in the shadows you ache to see me
The road down to hell is paved with good intentions what’s love, when the lust is gone You lied and you stood hidden from sight giving him the keys to steal my soul My heart pounded with fury
Let's go to a party no really I havent gone to one in the past 7 hours but don't forget the drinks bring the wine and get ready to dine these grapes of wrath aren't leaving any room for mercy
I await the day you drown in your own sorrows Your pain will drown you and suffocate you the way you suffocated me  You will stop breathing unlike me more alive than ever without your hands,
Friendship was all I saw between us It was all I wanted for you and I You saw something else Pouring me a cup of your drink that wanted me delusional Hoping to intoxicate me just enough
My toes creep backward as I will my feet forward There is a volcano erupting in my stomach Why are there so many eyes on me? Would walking down the ladder save me? Deep breath Small jump Gravity's turn
I'm sorry it's the simple curse of existence  "It's not polite for little girls to sit like that, you're a respectable lady now aren't you?  It's a woman's job, you'll have to get used to it."   
Match strikes box Friction becomes flame Slowly, steadily The hand stretches to reach its goal.   1920s, New York A young woman,
Brother, father.  A son and daughter.  See, fresh water.   Look, there’s an otter!   What’s an otter doing underwater?   
Dear Angel, I love to watch you sleep I love watching you breathe Closely, next to me Gently, like the nightingale On your bed when you turn you Steal the curve of a loadstone
Found poetry based on the article 5 Lies My Friends With Eating Disorders Have Told Me.   Just me, all alone in this big hungry city! All I wanted was something.
eye// would give you a QuEeF...    name bu tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt                                                    YOO are neither honorable nor wise enough
If heaven has placed it in your hands Oh! The throne is destined to be yours You hold the Imperial seal You have the power to turn things around The strength to take that step
He can feel you Drifting far away But he can't see through What you do not say Take a step back Don't lose your ground Remember how you felt before And if you care about him
I look at the stars late at night The wind that blows against my face is very cold I did whatever I could to make you shine bright When you where lonely I was always there for you to hold  
I look at the stars late at night The wind that blows against my face is very cold I did whatever I could to make you shine bright When you were lonely I was always there for you to hold  
          I waited for you to fall into my arms. Instead, I just felt you slipping away.                                                              -expectations
Did you forget last January? Memories fade like time But time returns, it finds you making merry While already planning to be new again next year
Mother didn't care Father didn't know. Now dear heart, You are all alone.   No one notices, Or really even cares. They won't see you.   Just a broken girl.
I have never really been considered an open book, But because you love me, I have learned to open my front cover, And let my insides spill everywhere. Because I love you I don’t mind being a mess,
A plant is valued solely by its perfection So, I begin to realize now I must be a weed. You see the gardener tends to her blossoms and buds, Controlling every aspect of their foundation.  
Where are those good old moments? Those days a car could be bought for 100 naira, Now using100 naira to satisfy hunger is impotent We have always been told the future will be Clearer.
    Come give me your thoughts The toad ordered the flies Then promptly threw a sticky tongue To the bold that ventured nigh  
Looking back at the year prior Makes the road ahead seem daunting. Taking apart the person I was, The closest I can describe is passion. A rekindling of a dying and tired flame, thus,
Despite living in an area filled with lights; it still lacks stars. Despite having an immense crowd of people; individuals are still lonely. Despite the city, being filled with department stores; individuals have empty closets.
Who are you? How did you do that? I cried as I looked back in time, He wrapped his icy arms around my waist, we stood there, intertwined,
 At age seven, she saw she didn't belong, she didn't look like the other girls  "It's okay", she would say, her glow-up would be soon.   At age twelve, she tried make-up to hide the imperfections.
Greener was the ground before we walked Purer was the air before we breathed Cleaner was the the water before we swam The future is many pathways, it eludes us Our past is the memories of the people, it haunts us
Crimson and chocolate Crimson and chocolate They may not seem like much of a pair Yet their taste is exceedingly rare I guess she could taste the splendor Though as for her taste, one is never to sure
Pen in my hand Sharper than a knife Trying to create the right Assortment of words Crumpled papers All across the floor Within my body I am at war   I keep writing
He was my way of coping A wall I'd put up To see who would jump over And who would give up Someone else had come before And made it near the journey's end However they fell short, leaving scars
There is a line between Cyrus and I that can't be defined
¬† Instagram was the first to tell me my, ‚ÄúMelanin was poppin‚ÄĚ Yes, Instagram has become more Than picture croppin
Dear Kiara, Kiara Brandon, It's been a while since I saw you ma'am In time I will heal From the sores that you dealed   Dear Kiara, Kiara Brandon, I hope Jesus forgives evil women You're a wolf in sheeps clothing I wasn't blind, just not knowing  
How wonderful it must beTo be one with the skyTo spread out your wingsAnd let your body flyAway from depressionAway from judgementAway from life
Tell the truth, we've heard it before Even though it makes us close some doors. Lock them shut and swallow the key. Hoping it will never be me. The one who truth makes it's victim, With it's socalled wisdom.
Through darkness is our path toward light. Through darkness our path is obstructed. For it takes one to rise above and see the path clearly. We may think we see the path. But we are only reaching towards
They say that "Optimism is for children!" That "being positive is only for those 
She calls us ‚Äúpetulant, self-indulgent‚ÄĚ My voice cracks ¬† Society says we‚Äôre hot for now Look at all the new inclusive media! ¬† Within ourselves, us othered folk
You: Writing this paper is not the most enjoyable way to spend a Friday night
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