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Then Wayne The Wise went with his legion,

The arm of freedom fighters erupted the Higgins

Commanding his squadron he trusted fully

The might of his fervor and mercy of God

Slung he his bolt action o’er his shoulder,

Loaded for battle and ready to fire

He passed out the frags for his squadron employ

And bade them, “Let fly!” as they surged up the cliff

Grim his thoughts yet strong his resolve

Brought to life his soul, not second to Hitler

In combat he counts them and courage of war

But not with the rifle will we kill this beast,

Though heavy the task to take his life

He knows little about such oncoming assault,

Of shots being fired as we strive in the night

Though perceptive his hatred we surprise our foe

With great courage we act to advance

In fist-to-fist combat and bold full of daring,

With faith that our triumph would reign at the last

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Our world
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