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I am Taz. POPULAR POEMS: Devil's Quill; Dark Horse; Mother Mad; Daddy Damnest; They Will End Me; Stripped Voice; Tribute to TrayVon's Injustice; Decision Time; Mental Health. CONTACT ME AT trwestie@gmail.com
cherub boy with skin of snow rosy cheeks and hair of gold. little boy, I love, I keep Listen close and take my heed, you may be clean but...
green veins not blue show the poision of evils hue
I do not judege, those shameful sinners, but each wrong, does fill my quiver. Another notch, of ammuntion, an oncoming storm, is intuition...
It is a feat to Breathe when the walls are crashing Dwn on top of me
I have always remembered That broken hearts bleed red, staining my eyes blind with color. Inverting the world, to technicolor inkwell.