You're Life Is Up To You


When a blade rests on your wrist  They say there's more you can do  When a knot is tied around your neck  They say the lies were never true When you're ready to take a leap  They say you're stronger than this  And when you're long gone They say life should be longer than this So why is it that people only feel sorry  When you're floating in the clouds?  Or that they only pick on those Who stand out in the crowds?  Why don't these victims  Search for saving from those who care? Well I can tell you from experience  It's not that easy when you're there.  The jocks, the jerks  Those people that can hurt  The crowds, the cliques They eat at you like ticks  So how does one survive  When you're drowned in blue?  There's no one you can turn to  It's all up to you.  You're abandoned, alone You've been kicked off your throne No God, no guardian  Will even throw you a bone So how do you stop yourself  From parting your soul from your shoes?  I'll tell you in all honesty  It's all up to you.  You have a barrel to your brain A sharp edge to your vein  But don't you all know  You just do it out of pain   And what if instead  You just let it subside  Wait out the agony Just to feel a new pride  This is what I did  And yes, it was tough But when all was done  I was stronger sure enough  But if I had given in that night And taken my life, which was so bleak  The bullies would've been right all along I would've been helpless and weak   So all I have to say  Is turn your head for a few You may not find help in others  Because its all up to you  Find it within yourself  Don't take the easy way out  Stick through and prove them wrong  Show them what you're about   Because it's all up to you. Everything you know. It's you. And don't let that go.  

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