Your Love Was Heroin


The wait was always the hardest,
Once I got a hold of you,
My heart raced with anticipation,
Of the feeling of you.
Your eyes were the flame,
The flame that heated the spoon,
Spoon becoming red hot to touch,
Thus was the lust we had for each other.
Your love melted to a boil,
The boiling point was the passion we felt.
The cotton was the filter that was our work,
Our work became the drive for more.
Syringe was the pride you had,
Swallowing up your love, deceit in place.
Needle that ripped my skin was your lies,
Pumping through my veins, you were ecstasy.
Your sex was pure ecstasy, elation, the high.
Elation faded, wanting more and more.
I wanted to quit you, but I couldn't.
Coming down from you was the worst,
Trying to stay away was impossible.
Your love was like heroin,
Your heroin almost killed me,
Clinging to life only, for more of you.
I was addicted to,
The Heroin,
That Was Your Love.

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