Sad love

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                                            If you were born in the month of August Be cool, be calm, be wise and be robust
She sadly drowns in tears Because of how you treated her You were nothing but a manipulator Time after time and, year after year She put her trust in you And you disappointed her Your heart was never there
I don't know why I was attracted to you Its not like you were a good person from the start But after it was all over, you left me blue After you left you still made my life fall apart  
You were my present tense And supposedly my future tense Everything seemed fine Until errors were made Now all you ever are Is my past tense
What is the battels to truly fight for? Why fight for someone? Do i trust her? what can i do to stop this suffering? Is it ok to be alone? When is it worth fighting for? Who is she really?
Girl, why is it that all hope is fading? We cannot hurt one another Communication has sadly ran dry We need to be true to each other Walls are closing in As darkness rears its ugly head
When she is gone There will be nothing for you to say Let's face it You did not appreciate her anyway You used and abused her And played with her heart Nothing but an acrimonious scene
As i walk in the gates of hell  I see him standing there He's waiting for me to come in I see how the fire starts to rise  He gives me a murderous look I instantly get chills and butterflies
Walls will close inward Time will sadly pass onward each day Conversation runs dry In each and every way Girl, why do we masquerade our feelings? When it is simple to be pure and true
Girl, why do you condone his mess? There is nothing but mass confusion He never really cared about you Such a cloudy situation You stuck by his side Hoping that he would change
She gave you a chance But, you threw it away Very tentative in your actions You have led her astray Why must she continue? You were never there Living in a state of uncertainty
This song, I once sang and gave to you. I over played it once or twice. Let's go back to that spring night when I fell in love with you. MY hair blows in a wind, this night will come once again.
Sentimental she is Because you threw it away You never truly appreciated her Why should she stay? She really gave you her all But, you were never there Consider her gone
Girl, why do you put up with his mess? Just pick yourself up and move on You can start all over again You have the ability to be heartstrong He never really cared for you Had some nerve just to criticize
She sadly goes away Because there was no love there Nothing but neglect and abuse There was a lot of bad air Pain and suffering Not a good situation to be in There is nothing but darkness
Girl, there is nothing but a dark road There really is no excuse Just look at how you are being treated Why do you take his abuse? You are just flooded with worry And sadly, carrying a lot if pain
Girl, if you are not happy Then why are you still there? You are just taking more abuse It is really clear that he does not care There is no love there He has shown no gratitude
She has a heart of gold And yet, you throw it all away You treated her as if she were nothing Why should she stay? She gave you everything But, you made her feel empty She was often blindsided
Girl, it really is sad That he left you standing in the cold He often treated you as if you were nothing He sadly did not realize that you have a heart of gold It is a shame That he treated you that way
The truth is She is really tired of all of your lies You have deeply hurt her heart And you have made her cry She sadly sits in silence Thinking very thoroughly About how she got herself in this situation
Girl, remove yourself from bitterness Just find your happiness You do not need that loser You have been under enough stress Always looking for someone else to blame And never takes responsibility
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