A year in the life of Sarah Smith

A year in the life of Sarah Smith

Sometimes I felt like a myth

Had a rough time starting out

Hitting the floor and blacking out

Living in a room of isolation

Contemplating my creation

Fearing what I used to adore

Outside of my bedroom door

A year of depression

No one asking the question

“Want to come and be my Friend?”

But I couldn’t comprehend

Why me

Why couldn’t I flee

From this anxiety

That passing out has caused me

Too scared to get out of bed

Who would care if I were dead

Until a boy came in my room

And swept me out of my gloom

“Don’t let this ruin your life”

Because one day you’ll be my wife

He took me by the hand

And the world wasn’t so bland

It had been a long while

That I had this genuine smile

I began to take back my life

Without causing much strife

Finally, I could breathe again

All thanks to this sweet man


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