Worth Fighting For

Please just take my hand today
I need to know things might be okay
I miss the hugs, I think of them sometimes
I miss you so much I dream of you at night
Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm insane
But I still think things can work out some way
Every time we depart, one question makes my head spin
When can I see you again?
Seeing you sends my head into the clouds
You can cheer me up when I'm down
While I sit here and long for more
I've decided this is a love worth fighting for
Every night I try to sleep
I close my eyes, you show up in my dreams
I've been trying to forget you, but it's so hard to do
I want to prove my love for you
I'll just stay here and continue wishing on my lucky stars
You'll always have a special place in my heart
I'll be honest, I'm not going to lie
I hope I love you to the day I die
One day I'll walk down the aisle
And I sincerely hope I'll be greeted by your smile
I pray someday we'll be so much more
And I think this is a love worth fighting for
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