The Winter Soldier


The winter soldier comes home to find his gentle flower desecrated, tarnished from all purity. The flower was an elegant beauty that glisten in the harsh sun's smoldering light, that coddled his intentions and insecurities. Burden by his unfathomable break of the heart, the winter solider returned to a field most horrid . But that winter solider was desecrated by the harsh reality of spring and thawed out in the blistering heat on that carnage of a battlefield. I write this letter as the summer soldier returning to place well known, this war won by the mighty blue has ended and freedom has grown. So be thankful of your colonies , but know now a flower blooms in the spot of the winter soldier more ravishing then that insulting flower that you gave away. Engaging and magnificent that winter flower sways, beautiful and peaceful it will stay. Because the winter solider didnt give his away to a nauseating weed like you.
Signed a Summer Soldier


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