Why I Write: By Gervarus Giles


Why I Write.

Well, I write because my lips are sealed,

Im speechless,

The words on the paper stab at my meekness and rips open my flesh,

Only to show that the outside is decent but the inside is a mess.

& thats only because I desired to please the flesh,

I desired to breathe in the sweet leaves of death,


No matter how hard I tried to fight,

To stop inhaling the evil leaves from the tree of life,

That serpent would slither in my ear until I hit the joint.

People were so dull that they wouldn't get the point.

So I write. 

Tell me this, 

If you smoke weed and it makes you sit down in silence, why is it called Loud?

Why is it so hard to break away from the crowd?

Why is it so hard for us to keep an education 

but so damn easy to sit in front of a playstation?

I write because im free,

I write because im me,

I write because through these words I can scream,

Can you hear me?

Can you hear me?

Maybe if I only were like them, they would hear me speak.

But soon they will all see...

                                                    WHY I WRITE






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Amen!! This is amazing poem,keep writing. you have some serious talent.



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