Why I Had to Steal From You

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 15:51 -- Kibbles

Dear Girl in the Mirror,


I am the only one at your funeral 

But the tears are caught in my throat

Because I watched you slowly fade 

And I let you slip away unnoticed

Only because I wanted to wear your skin

And make it a refuge

I was tired of being locked in the prison you called your shadow


But I‘ve robbed you of more than just your body

I hear your name from our sisters

And echoes of she and her

Are whispered among classrooms

They don't know you are gone

But I do

I know the clothing holding our chest together made your lungs collapse

And you choked on the word tomboy

I knew your heart had stopped beating long before I said my name out loud


This was supposed to be a eulogy

But how can I praise something that didn’t want to exist

I knew the questioning thoughts circling in my mind were suicide notes written by your fingers

When I sought out answers to the word "Boy?" I signed my new name on your death sentence

But I didn’t want dysphoria to add my grave next to yours


Someday I’ll find a old picture of you and have a bittersweet smile

Because you’ll be proud of the man I’ve become

Thank you for saving me...



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amazing work done.


I nearly cried reading this.  Thank you so much for writing this gorgeous piece.  You summed up a lot of difficult emotions perfectly <3


"But I didn’t want dysphoria to add my grave next to yours" this line made me cry, thank you for this poem, it reflects so much of what I'm dealing with.


Thank you, to all readers. I started writing poems on a whim so I could relieve some

emotions and it has been a great way to take another step out of the closet. You

taking the time to read my poem means a lot to me and I hope you can get some

comfort from writing as well.

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