The time passes by,                

So fast.                                   

The light seems to,                 

Fade away.

I sit here,


The sun rise,

The moon shine.

And I wonder,

Why am I here,

And Why can’t I shine like you?

Cause when you walk by,

You seem to reflect the sun,

Making you so perfect,

So very perfect.


And I think,

Why are you saving me?

And not going off,

And forgetting.

Like all of them do.

Why do you help me.

When I am,


Why do you stand by my side?

Do you want something in return?

Cause if you do,

You’re looking at the wrong person!

And you should just run away,

Before you see the true me.

Before I hurt you,

Before I break that trust,

That you had in me.


Your eyes say everything,

You don’t have to say a word,

Just look at me.

Oh so very,


Yet you stay next to me,

Despite my flaws.

I want to trust you.

I know I do.

But the question is,

Do I trust myself?


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