Who Really Cares For You

Criticized constantly by your dad

Always comparing you to your brother,

He tears you down and makes you sad

But your flutes are here for you and each other.


When you are upset and at your worst

Your fellow flutes are here to comfort you,

Even if at times you have an outburst

We stick together, through and through.


Destiny says she loves your beautiful smile

Amazing and talented with your playing skills,

Though at times, you may not smile for awhile

To see your smile, we’ll climb a thousand hills.


Betsy says she loves how much you care

Always making sure that they are ready,

You push them harder to be better I declare

Even when they almost fall you keep them steady.


Sam ultimately looks up to you as a mentor

Wonderful, bold, kind, funny and very strong,

Her words about you but there’s even more

Her words are the truth and definitely not wrong.


Calee, rarely speaks up but for you she will

She loves how determined and smart you are,

Always looking up and never going downhill

In the night sky, you are the brightest star.


Kasi says your squeaks make her laugh

Your sarcasm, sometimes annoying but funny,

To describe you it would take an entire paragraph

But just know you’re more adorable than a bunny.


Gloria tells me that for you she will pray

Even after she has left she still checks in,

We’ll be there whenever needed, night or day

That’s how we roll, how we’ve always been.


I used to always envy you but I rarely do now

Friendship fixed, once again you are my twin,

You put up with my loud mouth, I don’t know how

But with you close by, I know we’ll always win.


So maybe all the flutes didn’t say something

But just know that we truly do love you,

And though I may be doing some dumb thing

I’m always someone you can turn to.


So while your dad will never see your true worth

You are more precious than diamonds and gold,

We see you as a rare jewel we’ve been lucky to unearth

Whenever you’re sad we’ll be around for you to hold.


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