Who I Am


I live in the same place I was born.
A small circle of protection,
    preserved on every side by a cliff or mountain.
It’s a mystifying place,
   just an ongoing landscape, with no beginning or end.
I come from a place where the cliffs are lined like bookshelves,
  and you can see cartoon characters in the rocks.
A place where the silence is deafening,
   but I prefer it to loud noise.
With radiant colors of red, blue and green,
   with which I use to paint my path.
There is no need for words,
   for I have music, emotions and dreams to tell of that.
I do, indeed, have stories for you to picture,
   of a place polar opposite from where I stand,
With mountains purple and skies rosy-red.
Where the trees whisper secrets,
   and the ground drowns in tears shed from the sky.
The sweet scent of incense wafting through the air,
   joined by the sense of complete and perfect peacefulness.
I found love in a different region of the world,
   filled with the pungent smells of the earth.
It was a dreamland of sorts,
   exploding with a noise from any number of creatures.
In this place, you can smell the moisture,
   and one can almost swim through the air.
Walls of green everywhere I looked,
   but they looked so different than what they said in the books.
In the end, I was a cloud, floating above the world.
   yet I felt like an ant, so small and insignificant.
Each place is full of smiles as bright as the sun,
   with laughter that never ends.
Each place I fall in love with,
   binds me with memories of wind, water and sand.
Filled with feelings of safety, peace and happiness,
I found my home away from home,
   and discovered my heart’s trueness.



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