Who I Am


United States
30° 27' 0.9468" N, 95° 41' 16.3464" W


I’m not a coon or a savage

And I don’t live in the projects or eat chicken and watermelons for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

No, I don’t live on the “block” and sell dope.

I plan to earn my degree to start a career.

I have kinky hair, not “nappy” hair; I speak very fluent English,

Not Ebonics; and I pronounce it “South” not “Souf”

I cannot proudly sew my countries flag on my backpack; I believe in

Justice, not corruption, especially for the people of color; and that

Amerikkka is very lucky African Americans do not seek revenge, only EQUALITY.

There are about 76 million African American men and women in the United States

And I am one of them

My name is Akenee, and I love my culture. 

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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