Poems from christy_NOVA

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Who am I? I perceive this question in so many ways. This question asks me to define who I see myself as, inside and out. The people who've influenced my life and the experiences I've gone through, and will go through, in my short life are what make up who I am. I'm independent. I am smart and incredibly funny. I’m friendly and once you get to know me, I can show more of how much of an understanding and knowledgeable person I can be. I believe I have an amazing imagination. I believe that I was placed in this world to do something great. This greatness I feel could be as big as making a change or being a role model to someone who needs one. I know I’m here for a reason. Because of this, I cherish life. I’m someone who believes that there’s hope. I can make a difference in some shape for form for good.
  Sex. Parties. Drugs. It’s claimed that’s "life" by people who call themselves "thugs". Tell me why are these artists called artists?...