She closes her eyes and sees nothing.
She opens her eyes and feels nothing.
Her thoughts are as dark as her heart.
Not even in the day can she dream.
It’s hard to conjure up positive thoughts knowing that he is not with her.
The future discussed is not where the current path leads. .
A dream deferred haunts her..
How can one walk a two way street and still feel lonely?
No one coming, none going…
Except for her.
Wandering aimlessly, wondering anxiously what awaits her.
No use in turning back, for her prints have faded.
To think that the more she makes, the more she leaves behind, yet they’re still so hard to find.
It would not bother her as much if he were by her side.
However,  there is nothing but an empty hand and an empty heart. .
Blindly traveling a path of many plans..
None as good as the one that she started with.


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