When I say BLACK LIVE MATTER, this is what I mean;

Imagine me before a wild uncontrollable fire with a fire

Extinguisher in my hand, it is all I have to beat back the

Flames that threaten to devour me. When I say,

BLACK LIVE MATTER, imagine me pointing that fire

Extinguisher at the very base of that fire and giving it my

All. BLACK LIVE MATTER is a strategy that directs all

Efforts and concentration on the very focal point of that wild fire. It gets

Straight to the core of the issue and gets the attention of our

Counterparts. But some will have you believe that

When I proclaim BLACK LIVES MATTER that I pin

Myself against you, to say that my life holds more meaning

Than yours. NO! NO! NO! This is the LIE! When I yell

BLACK LIVE MATTER, it is because I have to! My very life is in dire

Need of it at this moment. I am strategically focusing my resources to

Ensure the optimal outcome, nothing short of that and

I risk losing my own life. I call to you then my dear

Counterparts in proclaiming, loud, clear and with fervour,


BLACK LIVES MATTER, that I may save my own.


This poem is about: 
My community


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