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I really fucking hope that she's lying to me because i thought you broke up with ivy, maybe not maybe i'm being lied to that wouldn't suprise me should it not?
I haven’t had any inspiration Since I left Because now that I’m gone I’m not with you You were my poetry And now I’m left e m p t y…
I miss you like you would not believe (And I agree with your latest poem).
I told you I’d try But I’m already so close To giving up Not on you, But on myself
my headlines for u is real my dining skills are real for u babe dont leave me here in hell with the shit we see and hear
i sure as hell hope that you're not lying to me
and then I realizedhe was no longer in my worldhe was my worldif onlyi could honestlycall him m         n        i           e
Tell me your late night plansBecause regardless of what you thinkYou’ve never been aloneThere is still light inside of youYou should not be ashamed of who you arePleaseDon’t hide from me
I’m addicted to the way poetry feelsThe way it writesI’m addicted to the way music feelsThe way it flowsI’m addicted to the bladeThe way it cutsI’m addicted to the thought of youThe way it hurts
I’d gladly give you my life My soul My heart. You are worth it all. I just wish You’d give the same In return.
I was grey, Trying to be yellow, And he was yellow, Trying to be grey. He wanted nothing more Than to love And I wanted nothing more Than to die. Mixing the two of us Together
I don’t want to lose you.
Your eyes Speak more Words Than your Lips ever Could.
I love the way the Trees Break up the Sky Like the shattered glass Of our hearts.
You have My heart Too bad I don’t have Yours.
I lie awake at night Worrying about people I wonder: Is there anyone out there Who has sleepless nights Thinking about me?
I would sleep much better If you were next to me But for now I’ll settle with being Your 1 am thoughts.
2 am And all I can think of Is the way you look at her When you lie to me And tell me you love me. Because when you flirt with me, You flirt with her, too.
It’s around 4 am And it’s not fair That I’m crying And hating myself With a stupid blade in my hands While you think thoughts And dream of her.
Your voice is the Song that repeats Every night In my head. As is your name. p    h        i           l             i               p
I hope That a day will come When I don’t have To say goodbye, Only g o o d n i g h t
It was way after 11:11, But still, I was thinking of you. Because you never Ever Ever Leave my mind.  
I saw you Tonight In the stars. Twinkling As you cry, Shining Like your eyes. You are love.
Night is my favourite. It hides the scars. It encourages you to think. It is poetry. You are my night. You are my s        a         s     t          r
The stars, They shine for you. The sun, It rises and sets for you. The moon, It joins the night for you. My smile, It flashes for you. My heart, It beats for you.
want to be the person You think of in the middle of the night When you can’t sleep Or wake up from a nightmare. I want to be the person Who the thought of Makes you feel safe.
I wish every night At 11:11 Or at the sight of a shooting star For you. For the feeling of being In your arms. What do you wish for?
Some nights, I lay awake, Thinking about how much I hate my life.   Other nights, I lay awake, Unable to control how happy I am, Smiling like a fool.   A few nights,
You’re going to break me But I’ll still love you, Anyways. This is such bullshit.
You claim you love me, But why would you, When you can have her?
One language, One phraseIs not enough. Not enough to express How I really feel About you. Te amo,Je t’aime,Aishiteru. Ek het jou life,Jeg elsker dig,Minä rakastan sinua.
I fell in love With all of the pieces Of you that you don’t like About yourself.
You’re a dork. Nerd chic and cute. You make me feel worthwhile. I am a guy when I’m with you. When you mess up my pronouns, you feel bad. You feel bad when you’re an ass to my friends.
I feel so hard for you I shattered Like a fallen glass.
You are the sun And I am the moon.   You are the stars And I am the cloudless night.   You are the air And I am the lungs.   You are the snow And I am the rain.  
Yes Or No?   Which will it be? I think you can handle Figuring out what I’m asking.   I think you know. Because you asked me this question But I didn’t know  
When you look at me, Your eyes turn the most amazing colour. They become   The most shocking shade Of green. They go from   Mostly brown To mostly green. How can  
You. You make me feel secure In who I am.   You have never teased me Have never been rude About my identity.   You say you’re bi Put I’m trans. Maybe I’m just an exception?
Please,  always laugh. When you do, you get that greenish twinkle in your brownish eyes. I can see your perfect teeth and hear your voice cracking and see your blush.
I’ve shattered And left you to pick up All of my pieces. But please, Be careful. I’m sharp enough To cut both of us In the end.
Your smile, Your laugh, The twinkle in your eyes. They are my poetry. They are my love song. They mean more to me Than your silly love songs. I can’t believe Just how soon
I can’t believe I’m leaving you In this hell So soon. I feel awful about it. Because with each passing day, You seem more and more lost. I wish I wasn’t the only one Doing this to you.
Is it so obscure For you to feel love That you think You don’t deserve it? I know that. Trust me.
Why is it So fucking hard To feel like I deserve someone as Amazing as you?  
I hope you realise Just how much I really care.   Why’s it so hard To believe What you say?   You make me so Fucking happy, honestly. I love you.
I still don’t believe you. Sorry.   I think I really love you.   Why is it so hard? Believing?   I’m still wrapped around your finger.   I don’t deserve you. Not really.  
You’ve told me many times That you love me But each of those times I hear I’ll leave you. I try, I promise. It’s just way too hard To believe That I can have something
Every day, I have daydreams. Pleasant ones Of you. Every night, I wake up And smile. You keep the nightmares away. But with no chance of getting To call you mine,
When I get upset, All I can think about Is holding someone’s hand. I wish that hand Could be yours. Why not?  
You can’t see the stars Without darkness. A rainbow never shines Without rain. Flowers don’t grow Without fertilizer. Sometimes you have To go through shit To come out a bigger, better,
I’m going to lose you And you’re going to lose me Very soon. I’d be lying If I said I could handle that. There’s still eleven days left But my heart hurts Every time I think of it.
Life is worth living So live another day. And every day after that. Don’t spend it Locked up In your mind. Get up And do things That make you feel alive.
I think A date at the museum Would be pointless Because even near all of that art, I’d still stare at you. Because you are more beautiful Than any masterpiece. You are my masterpiece.
My mascara’s hella cheap But I still don’t want to waste it On stupid boys like you. No matter how hard I try, though, I still do.
You need to learn To stay strong for yourself, Not me. Because one day, I’m not going to be in your life And I’m sorry for that. But you know I love you, You know I care, So take those
Happiness looks gorgeous on you, My sweet. You are everything to me But you don’t know that. I’m sorry if this makes me seem creepy, Writing all this poetry about you And not sharing it.
The act of breathing Is enough to remind you That you’re broken. You’re not whole. You haven’t been, Ever.
When I die, Please don’t cry over me. Because I will not be able to wipe away your tears. You know I’ve loved you, Always, Until the day I died. I can’t care for you anymore,
Life isn’t poetry, But our hands lock together Like puzzle pieces And our hearts intertwine Like vines on a fence. We’ll never be as perfect As our words On those late nights,
She flirted with death. So did he. They both smoked their life away They both tried endlessly to kill themselves But their parents wouldn’t let them Because they were selfish. They both drank
I’ll never forget you. I can promise you that. That’s probably the only thing I can promise. Until the day I die, No matter how soon or late that day is, I will always remember you.
This takes finesse and focus, None of which you have. This artful dance On that fine line Between love And hate. You treat me like shit, sometimes, But we all know better.
I want to go home But I’m not sure where that is anymore. They say home is where the heart is But I love you And you don’t love me. You have my heart But I don’t have yours. Can you be home
I don’t have time to feel guilty. Neither do you. But we still do, Both of us. We both feel guilty For hurting each other.
I don’t want to live forever Because I don’t want to watch Everyone And everything I’ve ever loved Or hated, even, Disappear from in front of my very eyes. Especially you.
I see you At the other end of this table Smiling, Laughing. With her. The one we both love. But I love you, too. I guess you don’t really understand that. It tears me apart
You always smile Like you’re about to cry Your eyes They get glossy Your smile wavers Your mask falters Your façade crumbles. You know I love you. Why can’t you see that?
When it rains, It aches. This burning desire Smolders inside. The longing for you Beating inside my chest. My heart is yours. I love you.
I didn’t mean what I said There’s a little truth in everything But I’ve always been a compulsive liar. You trusted me Like I trusted you. I didn’t mean to break your heart
I started thing of you last night. I guess I never realized Just how much I miss you. I left you For a boy I didn’t really love, A boy who didn’t deserve my love. When I needed someone,
You are my “Amazing Grace”, That song you are trying to play Right now, on your guitar. Your hand’s in a splint Because you got upset And punched yet another wall. You’re so fucking stupid.
I get lost And stare off into space When I think of you. You tease me about my poetry But I bet you don’t know That most of it is about you. You take my depression from me, Make me smile,
I’m sorry Was I not good enough for you? On those late nights, Drunk on the taste Of your lips, Stars illuminating Your face, All I could think about was How I let you down.
Try as I might, I will never be able To reach that happiness That you seem to have found. Try as I might, I will never be able To reach inner peace Like my mom did. Try as I might,
I thought I was in love with you, But you don’t love me back, So I can’t be Can I? You claim you do, But I see how you look at her I see the happiness on your face when you’re with her.
Rain Falling steadily like I fell for you drop by drop breath by breath slowly then all at once.
“Life Goes On” Love wears off. “Just hold on” Before the lights turn off. Those lights That were always on The sparkles in your eyes Reflecting pools of mocha and emerald
I exist, sadly, Not because I am And not because I do. I exist Because you think I do. Maybe I’m just a figment Of your imagination. Maybe I exist As a tool for your usage,
The you I thought I knew Never would have hurt me. They you I thought I knew Would never have lied to me. I thought I knew you. I thought I loved you, And I thought you loved me.
How long will it take them to realize That “you” don’t exist? That you’re a figment of my imagination A combination of all I have ever loved, Ever lost? A mixture of all the good And all the bad
The soft ballad Trickles into my ears, Dancing down my spine. Light on guitar, Heavy on drums and piano. It exists, Like me, Only to amaze you. If it weren’t for you, I’d perish
You believed in me But I guess that’s over. You loved me, But that’s no more. You trusted me, But I lied. You thought “till death do us part” Were our words. Until the day I died.
No, I’m not jealous. I’m just… I wish I had that. Had her, or him, or whoever. Had them. Wish I had a significant other Or even a friend Perhaps someone who cared enough to hate me
Perfect flowers do exist. But only where the good people are. When I close my eyes at night— I like to think that only then am I waking up—and everything else is a dream.
It's not a burning sensation More like a puffing As though you wish to look down See your eyes fall out of their sockets
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