When beauty began with you and me


United States
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What is beauty?

Beauty is anorexic,
Perfectly arranged,
Smiles of plastic,
With eyes that couldn’t be colder.

Beauty is blue eyes,
Bleached teeth,
Nails refined,
Her hand leaves a chilling touch on the shoulder.

Beauty is blissfully unaware,
Self consumed,
Doesn’t play fair,
The bolder the better.

Beauty is red staining lipstick,
Glamorous lifestyles,
Looks is how you fit,
This is what the world told her.

What happened to beauty?
When beauty was wrinkles,
From engaging memories,
Eyes brown but still twinkle.
Nights just lying with you under the stars.

When beauty was laugh lines,
When beauty was,
You, and me.
Curled alone on the hammock.

What has this beauty become?


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