What a world (My God, my God)

Wed, 01/13/2016 - 13:34 -- Cydney

My alarm clock rings
Little does it know i don't dream
Nor do I sleep
I'm way too busy
Attempting to escape my misery
I'm trapped
The only way out is dismay
Between school and home
Who really cares
Yes I want to be successful
But why can't you see
I'm over here
They celebrate you at the finish line
If you ever get there
My God my God
Don't let me make it there
Images of my death follow me
I wonder why
Why can't they see
When I finally spoke
I found no hope
Neither did they
Because on that bathroom floor....
They let me lay.....
My God My God
Take me with you!
No one here loves me.....
It was on that floor
Death & I did actually meet
I seen him !
Eye to eye
But my Father Jesus
couldn't let me die
He took control
-& let me free
What I believed
Was another day in infirmity
Long enough for me to see
A young man just like me
A man tormented
by the world around him
Oh how I wish I could've found him!
Told him it'll be okay....
Convince him to want to stay....
As the prayer ended
I scanned the room
Seeing many broken souls
A broken soul created.
I seen my family
What I would've created !
My God My God
Thank you for saving me
The real Cydney
Not that girl on the floor
Not that quitter
She finally died
I've said my goodbies
And grabbed hold of hope
My God My God
I'm amazed at what you showed me
My God My God
Protect those that don't know you
Help them up from their pitty
Just as you did me
You never know who's watching
You never know who really cares
Until Jesus shows up
You may always be there...

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Our world


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