What Will There Be?


Society is large and society is vast.

We learn about our history and past.

As we learn about it was anticipate the future.

We ask many questions of what it will be like to our teachers or tutor.

Will we be able to fly?

Will we live to two hundred years old before we die?

Will there be hunger or will there be pain?

Will medical science continue to grow and gain?

Will they force us all to be fit?

Will people even give a shit?

Will we create people in a tube?

Will we live without being rude while running around nude?

Will we be wealthy or will we be poor?

Will we have to fear others and lock our doors?

Will we all live in peace?

Will wars continue instead of cease?

Will we still judge others on the way they look?

Will we judge them on the risk they took?

Will people learn from their mistakes?

Will we drown those who make them in lakes?

Will we be able to let our children run free?

Will there… Is there… What is there to look forward to for you and me?

“The answers to these questions can change,” the teacher explains.

“The answers rely on how you and your peers use your brains.”



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