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You marked my flesh deeper than you know. Sank in your teeth devoured my soul. Numinous wreck I fell for your sin Left me tattered
metronome heart allegro to affrettando pump   hair rises like furtive ballerinas on strident piano keys  
This cliched little dance we've found; You cast a line: I nibble,  You close away and leave me wondering over my patter -  (too much, and  Have I offended?) ~ Shrug  
A Particular Taste - Part I
She paints me in kisses Starting from the tip of my nose 
Beautiful, strung up in the center of the room, leather caressing his wrists pulled tight like the blindfold pressed against his eyes. The centerpiece of a mouthwatering feast.   Suspended,
Steel ropes attached  to my limbs And twisted all ‘round me forced stagnant and Incommunicado by your hand
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