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An empty classroom, The buzz of a fly against the windowpane Overlooking bright wheat fields and dust and sky, The scent of musty carpet and new paper in her nose,
If there was one line in all of hist’ry, But the reason to follow is still quite a myst’ry “Duct tape is silver, but silence is golden” Quote from the tale of the wise and the olden
I am  coming to where you are.   
I have these words swirlingaround, all my thoughts twirling. I rarely have a chanceto let these pieces sit, to dance. Because the very moment Ilet my thoughts be, for a fraction of a 
How Dare You Say I am too young To see and feel and think the way I do How Dare You
Oh man, I feel so sick,
  I can’t stand it. Everyone thinks that they know better, But they don’t.
  Hundreds of children All yelling with glee Come running inside With much to see. I sit here, Scared and alone,
I checked the clock it's way past time Why don't you smile? And light up this dreadful hall.  These fluorescent  lights burn into my soul and please don't smirk when I say:
Remember the joy, And remember the fun, All of the days we had in room 161.   How we laughed and joked together, And broke many of the rules, But how we couldn't have helped it
Blue plastic seats filled with static electricty My bum becomes a medium The itch that is caused by my seat Forces me to stand To avoid this feeling Words being spoken Run straight through my ears
Here in this classroom Here five days a week sitting here bored and pressured listening to you speak.   Now it is finally my turn so open up your ears. It isn't my problem now
P { margin-bottom: 0.08in; } At first glance, the classroom is quiet and the teacher is talking, Students are attentive, just simply learning.   However, go look closer and you will find,
The classroom they say is an open space  to share opinions and ideas while you learn. But what they don't tell you is that you are judged based on each idea opinion statement
Kids are steadily drooping out of school Selling drug, hang in gangs becuase they think it's kind of cool The list of the problems that are wrong with America Will have these kids rolling off into hysteria
Sitting in class, Wondering when boredom will pass. My fingers go tap, tap, tap, When will my teacher make this a rap? When did school get so serious? Why can't we go explore and be curious?
Change What in school? Change Everything. Make it a happy place. Make it an exciting place. Give us teachers who want to be there with us. Provide us with decent food. Allow us art, music, and theatre.
Its hard not feel like a cow. Trapped, packed in by the dozens, herded through the halls But with bells to worry about; they don't use prods anymore. Squeezed through the door, shoved my way to my designated area.
Each word clung to paper thin pages with some particular tenacity the teachers teeth cut against soft palpable ears The floors knew these lessons had heard more words could tell them more
Heat, sweat, & bitterly cold.Creaking windows and doors.Old chairs, old tables.Stained carpets and floors. Broken shelves and fixtures.Missing pages and books.Did you get the homework?
No room Last resort Loud bang Pothole shakes the car Cracked asphalt Hot under the sun Late again Stop Find a spot Trudge to class Through green forested path
I'm here in class Last one in the back No one else can realize That I have a voice that cannot be denied You say that you don't hear me But really your just not listening
If the world was my classroom, I would teach a girl to learn and to love, And not go to jail. I would teach a girl to not envy but embrace, To push onward even when it seems like there is no escape.
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