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When there is someone you truly love, You'll find that life before them was without consequence. Without purpose. You feel useless. Before I met Her, I thought that what I couldn't live without was materialistic.
Alice has done something horrible.  
   If there ever was enough to give, I would give it to you. If there ever was enough ways to show I would show, I woud show you my truth. My love for you is so alive it would never die. you take my breath away, you make my heart skip a beat.
One thing that no one can take from me is my ima
How can you have hate For the color of my skin I've done nothing wrong Is me living life a sin I'm a person, a human Like each and every one of you I've done nothing to harm
Modest  thoughts of the earth, Lies from man, Tainted birth, Headstrong lion, Swayless will, Powerful creature, Powerful teacher, Find will, Find Love, Nest High,
Dreaming of a new age which Requires all of us to work together for a brighter future.
Have you ever tried To hold back from crying Just to show other that you Aren't as weak as they say? Secretly as you cry You wish you weren't, but its Just so overwhelming.
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