What Happened to Love?

I remember how we used to be
Use to be happy
Without a care in the world
Use to spend every day together
Doing everything yet nothing at all
Then one day everything just changed
I Could feel the love that we had just slipping away
Until it was nothing more than a shadow of what we used to have
Yet some days I can still feel those old emotions lingering
Buried somewhere deep beneath the surface
Somewhere deep inside my heart
Most days I wonder what went wrong
Why I no longer feel the same way
Was it all the mistakes?
All the bad days piled up?
Or did the distance finally become too great
enough so that I lay awake contemplating leaving?
What should I do?
I cannot bring myself to leave
Not with all the good days still looming
But at the same time I cannot bring myself to stay
What do I do?
Should I even attempt to mend this?
Or should I just give up,
give in,
and end this.

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