What is Fear?


What is fear?

A distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain?

A threat that is real? Or imagined?

The feeling or condition of being afraid.

Fear. It is a being that thrives off of the innocence of others wishing to be saved.

What is it to you?

A fear of heights? Or of falling?

The dark? Or from it what is calling?

Not I, see I come from the streets

Where there is no room for you and everybody rocks sneaks

Where police are at every single corner

Anxious to make arrests like everyone's a foreigner

But no a tall person like me is not afraid

My fears manifest inside my inner membrane

Inside of my home I’m alone

Bearing witness to abuse from an insane

My brothers cower whilst I clutch onto the phone

Feeling useless as fists and words are thrown

Looking for the baby blankey I had outgrown

Phone slapped out of my hand

My mind scrambles for a piece of hope that I could grope

Physically asleep but mentally awake

Thinking about the night which road will it take?

Ever stayed awake from that bump in the night?

Try being awakened by that thing; doesn't it sound like a fright?

Waking up in the morning and pretending everything is all right?

A fear of leaving and what happens to what's left?

A dream of college to which my step dad is its theft

A fear of leaving and coming back to nothing left

My parents bugging? Aiight wait till college BET!

I'm trembling no I’m seizing

I have a fear... I know we all do

From past experiences and what we've all been through

My mom has sold her soul to the devil of her perfect being


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