I write to expose
to become
to release what I've held in so long
because in a poem
you don't have to lie
but in life sometimes you do
but here with my pencil
I can be honest
I'm not hiding behind a truth or a lie
and neither are you
your eyes aren't pretending to see what they'd like
they see what I wrote and they take it as they will
a poem is like a wave
because although there is a last line
and the poem does end
it always becomes something else
something in your mind
a wave does crash and end
but somehow it always becomes another wave
creeping up to the shore before it is whisked away
just like the thoughts within us
all thoughts are poems
sloppy at first
but put together in way maybe only we ourselves can understand
my poems are my escape
even if no one reads them
I will
I'll ride my own waves


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