Wait For it

They call themselves boyfriends,
But are they really?
Yes, they’ve asked you out.
Some don’t even do that.
They message you daily
Worry about you every second
If you don’t answer,
They might even get mad
Is that what a boyfriend is?
If it is,
Why are girls desperate for one?
Don’t they value freedom?
The world has come
To believe that
Being ‘taken’,
Is something that is primal,
Surely we have all mistaken.
There’s no need to feel bad
Over being a loner
If that’s what you are called.
A relationship will come at its time
And there’s No need to rush.
Being desperate
Is surely not a good thing
Instead of bringing happiness and cheer,
It just brings sadness and fear.
Keep your head high.
Singleness is not the end of the world
Someone will come,
At the right time
And once you find him,
Happiness and love will remind You that the long wait was worth it,
And you will just sigh.


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