The Voice of Mahogany


Some may say, "Oh! You're name's Mahogany, that ugly reddish-brown color."
Others may say, "Ew, that's you're real hair, it's so dark and dull."
Well to be completely honest, i give no response to them
For many years of my life, I've been treated differently for one thing, maybe the other
I could say I loved myself for everything that I am
My hair
My eyes
My hips
My curvacious thighs
But that would be a lie
Truth be told I've been called beautiful, gorgeous, fine - whatever
But the negatives overcome the very little positives and that thick skull of mine doesn't let me believe
Now I could say 
I wanna be like Beyonce'
Maybe like Ashanti
Even Aaliyah
But that won't happen, I have to love me for who I am
Maybe you could help me.
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