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After weeks of preparation, finally planned perfection
Invincibility was overwhelming, irrational though it was
The plan
The destination
Anywhere but here.
In the eyes of a child, my future foolproof
Pull out of my vision of paradise, back into reality with the slam of a door
He was home.
Fear pulsated through my body one more time, no more
An outburst, a yell, a fit of rage shattered my imagined world
A world without fear.
A world without him.
My fast heart beat stopped dead in my chest, like always when my name came from his lips
Stomping up the stairs, Hell found me
One last time.
Surrounded by a strange sense of fear and familiarity.
I knew what was to come
One last time.
Took a breath, closed my eyes, and braced myself.
One last time.
And what happened next-
Some words are better left unspoken.


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