looking back

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Just listen… Listen to the sounds of nature… If only I could have… I remember being so young All I wanted to do was stay in and play Sonic
Starting from January:   I led I learned how to be a leader and how not to be   I spent another Valentine’s day alone….
      little girl playing in rain puddles  herding fussy ducklings under rainy sky  raincoat swish-swish  wellies squeak and slurp  hungry beasts gold hair, bright eyes clueless and naive.
Textbooks and teachers told me “Hold on to everything; Everything you write - It will turn into something one day” And one day became overturned boxes Tossed around my room,
(poems go here) I ate PB&J and cookies and milk and candy on Halloween and hamburgers and hot dogs and not vegetables and cupcakes at Hartney’s party and went to the beach and built sandcastles and moats and walls and holes and skipped rocks a
Catch the moon Race the sun It’s all that should be done With life so short In a future unwritten With nothing defined All is a question Memories may fade Reality may fall
After weeks of preparation, finally planned perfection Invincibility was overwhelming, irrational though it was The plan Escape. The destination Anywhere but here.
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