The Unseen

You think you know what I'm all about,

you see me walk, you see me talk.

You see the way I care for others,

but does my innocence ever put you in doubt?

You want to know what I am really about, 

you ask a few questions, test my reactions.

She is different, she does not react as others would.

He was diagnosed with a contagious disease, 

but by his side she always stood. 

Why such concern for others?

Does she expect something in return?

Her heart is so complex, yet so simple, 

it loves like no other, it desires to give more, 

you can see the genuiness deep in the core.

Is her life really so put together?

She is worry free as if nothing will phase her. 

There has to be something in her life that is going completely wrong,

she cannot hide it forever.

Despite whether there is something going on,

will she ever share it with the world?

I wonder what is behind that door,

does she put a smile to ignore the problems?

I've tried to get it out of her by trying to get under her skin,

but only love is shown and nothing more.

The unseen will always come out to light, 

but is the unseen what makes her shine so bright?


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