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New world, new faces, new things to see, All over are people, people like me. "No, they're different," I hear from above. "Like these two men here, they don't know love.
Because I Love You?   The phrase becomes an utterance of sorts A phrase when heard leaves remorse In my ears
We are definitely not perfect And we've never claimed to be. We strive to be brave, And allow others to be free But freedom comes with limits And its hard to master bravery.
Oh what a joy it is to be young! To play and frolic to run and chase to not ever be able to endure the act of sitting still for long when being quiet is its own impossibility
When The Sun Comes Up in a Bright New Dawn Or The Clouds Roll By And I Just Want to Yawn I've Still Hope Inside Left to Carry Me On   When I'm Out in the World Wishing I Could Fly
You think you know what I'm all about, you see me walk, you see me talk. You see the way I care for others,
We impatiently waited. Cried, whined, and wimpered. Wishing school would be over, wishing our teenage years away. But suddenly, here we are. In the real world. Everything is so real, nothing is like before.
"Every heart beats to a different rhythm
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