unnatural selection

Unnatural selection


We are deemed unfit

Unsuited for the environment

That’s it

She screams

I quit

We didn’t let her

Of course we couldn’t let her

Unsuited for the environment

An unnaturally anxious temperament

She’s pathologically precarious



It seems like all the other birds learned how to fly before her

She stands on the edge of a cliff and she


I just wanted to see her soar

I just wanted to watch her fly

She does not discover her wings




She goes

It seems like she’s been falling forever

It seems like this abyss doesn’t end

She calls out for help but

None of us know how to save her

None of us know what to do

She jumped and we waited for her wings to carry her

But she was born heavy

She was born with lead in her bones and a disease in

Her brain

Please at least show me that you’re trying

Please at least open your wings

Depression is a trap she

Doesn’t give a crap if she ever learns to fly

Says she just wants to hit the bottom what comes after doesn’t


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My family
My community
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