unheard justice


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the lights go dim
i hear the whispers around me
the eyes that stare
the laughter filled in the room
i look around and all i see are unfamiliar faces
insecurity rushes in my body
they point and mock
as if i were a strange animal or exhibit
push me around and throw me on the floor
am i the punching bag in gym
they say the phrase that sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me
as if they knew for a fact that words dont hurt
the words "ugly" "creepy" and " fat" were thrown into the air
treated as if i was an outcast in society
when in reality cruel beings they were
the actions and thought that ran through my head
the never ending teasing
where i would lay in bed at night and cry myself to sleep
where life meant nothing as long as i could get away from it all
home then you would think of an oasis
when in reality the screaming and arguments would only make it worst
a child exposed to such hate
they ask for help
no one listens
until the child does something life threatening or worse end their life
until then nothing is done
no one cares
the parents of those kids ask for answers
and all we can do is sit here and feel bad for them
until one day that child who was teased and decided to end there life is our child
then the tables are turned and we ask ourselves why isnt anything being done
the poor souls of children who would have made such a great impact in life
now hope that justice will soon come

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