For the Unborn World


Little blossom waiting to bloom, yearning for love.

A tiny piece of a gargantuan-sized tree, important part of a greater whole.

Although unborn it's our secret saviour....


Slash! Cleanly chopped of its branch by the blade held by a hand molded and shaped by the selfishness of the world.

Torn away in the blink of an eye from the rooted arms that once strived for the betterment of mankind.

Just like that the world is engulfed into the gray abyss of one's own greed.

Our freedom fighter has passed on....


But onto where? Into the warm, loving arms of our creator.

He who'd never let us fall.

He whose powerful hand will hold up that tree with all His might.

Always remember blossoms will always sprout.

Have hope my children for a brighter day.


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